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Candy Crush, the popular puzzle game app, is due to make its CBS TV premier as a game show, hosted by Mario Lopez. The show will feature contestants from “Big Brother” and “Survivor”, who will compete on life-size interactive game boards that mirror the layout and rules of the app. Contestants must swap adjacent candies to form rows of at least three matching items in the hopes of winning $100,000. While Candy Crush is not the first app that has been made into a TV show—others include music app Shazam and game app competitor Angry Birds—it signals a rising trend in mobile apps that cross over into traditional media.

Candy Crush TV Breakout: User Numbers and Demographics

Released in 2012, Candy Crush is still one of the most popular mobile game apps. But is now really the height of its popularity? Verto Analytics data collected from Verto Watch (U.S. adults ages 18+) indicates that Candy Crush experienced a large increase in user numbers in March 2016 with the app reaching 9.6 million users. Since then, numbers have steadily grown, reaching 10.2 million in October 2016. While user numbers had since then hovered around 10 million, the month of June saw a dramatic increase, with nearly 3 million users joining. Bringing Candy Crush to an impressive 13.4 million users, making the app one of the most popular in its industry.

Demographic breakdown is a particularly important metric to analyze when considering the success of the game show. Verto has already profiled the average super mobile gamer and discovered that the typical super mobile gamer is a 39-year old woman, who spends nearly 15 hours per month playing mobile games across 127 separate sessions. In order for the TV show to be successful, it is important that the main demographic that plays Candy Crush also watch reality TV shows, like “Survivor” and “Big Brother.” The average reality TV viewer is a 45+ woman. Verto Analytics data from the month of June shows that women make up 66% of the user base. In addition, the 45+ demographic accounts for nearly 58% of the people who play Candy Crush. Demographic data for the target audience of the Candy Crush game show and the largest Candy Crush user segment align perfectly, increasing its chances of success and popularity.

Competitive Popularity in the Game App Ecosystem

Along with questioning why Candy Crush now, why not another game? Verto Analytics pulled data from June 2017 (U.S. adults ages 18+) to see how Candy Crush stacks up against other top mobile games. Leading the industry is Words with Friends, which boasts 14 million users. Candy Crush follows closely behind with 13.4 million users. The rest of the apps in the games category fall far behind with Pokémon GO having 7.8 million users and Clash of Clans with 4.5 million users. Most surprising is Angry Birds, which has been made into both a movie series and a TV show, it has the smallest amount of users, with only 365,000. Candy Crush has been popular since its release and remains a clear industry leader. Now, all that is left is to see how the Candy Crush Game show performs.

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