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Both Google (Alphabet) and Apple have recently announced major changes to their app stores, including the rollout of subscription-based payment options and new revenue splits for app developers. We’ll have to wait until these changes actually go into effect later in the year to measure the impact on the app market, but we dove into new Verto data that shows some interesting differences between the the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the two dominant app marketplaces today.

Android users pay far more monthly visits to the Google Play store (visiting more than three times as often as Apple users), but they spend far less time in the actual store: the average Google Play store visit clocks in at just one minute in duration, while average Apple App Store visits last three minutes, as seen in the chart below. This also explains why Apple users almost catch up to Android users when it comes to average time spent in the app store per month.

Longer Visits = More Engaged (and Paying) Customers?

Are Apple users drawn in by a better user experience for discovering apps? A more time-consuming browsing workflow? Some other addictive element of the Apple App Store? Regardless, while Apple engages its users less often than the Google Play Store, it makes every visit count: Apple users spend more time in the App Store each time they visit, and this translates to increased purchases – Apple App Store revenue was double that of the Google Play Store in the first quarter of 2016. That’s a huge number, and indicates that maybe Google should start paying attention to its user engagement stats as well as its visitor numbers.

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