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Last month, Amazon’s Prime Day shattered e-commerce records, as many analysts expected: the company reports selling more than 100 million products over the course of its newly-expanded 36-hour run (perhaps “Prime Days” would be a more accurate description of the mega-sale). By the company’s own admission, this year’s Prime Day has outperformed other e-commerce extravaganzas like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But what does a side-by-side comparison of the three shopping events look like?

Amazon’s Biggest Day: Prime Day vs. Black Friday

Verto Analytics compared Amazon’s daily user numbers (among U.S. adults, ages 18 and above) during three of the biggest online shopping days in the past year: Black Friday (November 24) and Cyber Monday (November 27), 2017 and Amazon Prime Day (July 16-17), 2018. According to Verto Watch data, Amazon Prime Day was the most successful for Amazon in terms of actual shopper traffic – during the first part of Prime Day, when the first wave of deals and discounts went live, Amazon clocked nearly 92 million users, even despite a few technical glitches that temporarily rendered its site inaccessible to some. And Amazon was able to keep the momentum going: it also recorded almost 91 million users on July 17, when its Prime Day deals were only offered for half the day. Following days saw a sharp drop-off in user numbers: only 68 million shoppers visited Amazon on July 18.


The post-Thanksgiving shopping crush – an event that stacks Amazon against a roster of other online retailers and physical stores – is, unsurprisingly, less of a blockbuster for the e-commerce giant: compared to Prime Day, Amazon attracted just over 80 million shoppers on Black Friday. But notably, the site saw a nice bounce on Cyber Monday, which drew in more than 84 million shoppers – an indication that Cyber Monday is having an increasing influence upon online holiday shopping habits.

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