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Earlier this week, we announced the launch of Verto Analytics’ services in the UK, and promised to include UK data in our content (including blog posts!). Today, we’re diving right in – this week’s Chart of the Week looks at the monthly smartphone habits of American and British adults, ages 18+, to see who spends the most time on the small screen.

Who’s Most Addicted to their Mobiles?

The short answer is, American Millennials, and by an impressively large margin: Verto Analytics data shows that American teenagers between the ages of 18-19 spend the most time on their smartphones, clocking an average of 81 hours spent per month. This far surpasses their British peers, who spend 33% less time per month on their smartphones.


Smartphones, Parents, and Grandparents

Smartphone use remains relatively high and consistent among both Americans and Brits in their 20s and 30s, with Brits in their 30s spending slightly more time per month on their smartphones. But there’s a surprising spike among Americans ages 45-49, who spend an average of 57 hours per month on their smartphones (more than double their British peers). Are the parents of these smartphone-addicted Millennials following in their kids’ footsteps? We’ve already noted the rise of certain apps, like Snapchat, in this age group. Does this extend to other apps and smartphone services as well?

And lastly, there’s another spike among Americans ages 65-69. Their smartphone use averages 41 hours a month, more than 10 times that of their British counterparts. Does this signal a tech-savvy generation of grandparents? And we’re not the only ones making this observation – startups like Uber have started targeting senior citizens, positioning their services as a mobility option, and others are also realizing the great market opportunity to be had in the 60-plus crowd.

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