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As we inch closer to holiday season (and the flurry of device purchases that surrounds Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond), which devices do consumers use most often – and which ones do they spend the most time using? Verto Analytics looked at consumer device use and session length metrics for some of the most common consumer devices, including smartphones, laptops, and PCs, as well as newer devices like VR kits, wearables, and personal assistant devices (such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home). According to our data, the most frequently-used devices do not equate to those with the greatest total length of time spent with the device per day.


Device Use and Engagement: Smartphones and Smart TVs At Opposite Ends of Spectrum

While the average consumer (among U.S. adults, ages 18 and above) tends to use their smart TV for nearly 3 hours per day (about 165 minutes), this is spread across an average of five sessions of use per day. Meanwhile, the average consumer uses a PA device six times per day, but for less than half an hour per day in total, indicating that each device session is relatively short (especially in comparison to smart TV use). VR kits see an even lower rates of use: the average consumer uses a VR kit just one per day, for an average of slightly less than 40 minutes per session.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, smartphones and wearables are two of the most frequently-used devices, but like PA devices, device sessions on these mobile devices tend to be quite short: on average, smartphones are used more than 75 times per day (for a total of about 100 minutes), while wearables are used 40 times per day (for a total of about 65 minutes).

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