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The line between online shopping and digital content (especially social media) is getting thinner by the day: Instagram introduced shopper-friendly product information stickers to its Stories feature last month, and this week, a report in TechCrunch revealed that Snapchat is preparing to launch a visual search feature in partnership with Amazon, the king of all e-commerce brands. Consumers are increasingly able to shop online not just through individual shopping apps or websites, but across social media platforms and other forms of digital content. With even more online shopping opportunities at their fingertips, which other apps and websites are avid shoppers using besides their favorite e-commerce portals? And, by extension, which of these non-shopping apps and websites might offer the best opportunities to cross-market to online shopping addicts?

Which apps and sites do Shopaholics use when they’re not shopping?

Our latest Audience Spotlight report offers a deep dive on Shopaholics – U.S. adults (ages 18 and above) who comprise the top 20% of all adults who accessed an online shopping brand during May 2018, based on the amount of time they spend per month online with shopping brands and shopping content. For these Shopaholics, what are the most addictive and engaging non-shopping digital brands they use on a regular (even daily) basis? Stickiness is how Verto measures a given app, service, or website’s audience engagement; the higher the stickiness rating (as a percentage), the more engaging (or stickier) an app or website is. The stickiest apps and sites among Shopaholics are, unsurprisingly, also some of the most popular digital properties on a global scale: Facebook (79% stickiness), Google Search (74% stickiness), and YouTube (49% stickiness). But there are also some shopping- and research-specific properties on the list, such as Walmart and PayPal (both 20% stickiness) and Wikipedia (17% stickiness).


Interested in more insights about the digital behaviors of Shopaholics? Download the full report here.

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