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Survey data and digital behavioral data married together can lead to rich consumer insights.  To demonstrate this, we have surveyed our passively-metered, cross-device panelists regarding recent life events that they have experienced and then examined the site/app visitation similarities and differences occurring with each group of panelists.  This week, we are going to focus on those panelists who have moved to a new home in the past six months.

As you may expect, real estate and moving sites/apps are among those with the most disproportionate amounts of visitation among this segment versus the overall internet population in terms of reach.  It also is not terribly surprising to see IKEA, an extremely popular retailer for furniture and home fixtures, shows up here as well.  The following graphic shows behavior across all devices tracked, but we also have data for Mobile and PC specific differences to show how they are used in tandem:

However, what may not be as obvious is that this segment is more likely than the total internet population to use certain music streaming services like Google Play Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.  We also see some number-crunching spreadsheets/apps like Google Sheets appear, perhaps used as a planning tool, in addition to certain cable/TV streaming services (Spectrum) and job sites (Indeed).  Netflix (+11.6), Microsoft Excel (+11.1), and LinkedIn Job Search (+10.9) fall just shy of making this graphic.

When we look beyond reach to see where this segment is spending a disproportionate amount of time relative to the total online population (duration index), we see more interesting brands and categories rise to the top.  We have this sorted by total devices, but included PC and Mobile-specific for context to see how they compare:

Yelp and Bing come in at the top with duration index, indicating that New Home Movers spend much more time with those two brands when benchmarked to regular online users.  Perhaps these new homes may be leading to some searching for help for maintenance? Not far behind is LinkedIn (and its specific Job Search site), suggesting those experiencing this life event are also interested in networking.  Bed Bath & Beyond, a very popular retailer for home goods, is also visited for a disproportionate amount of time among this segment.  

This data, among those who moved to a new home in the past six months, is just part of what is possible when marrying cross-device digital behavioral and survey data.  At Verto Analytics our goal is to focus on deep consumer insights by analyzing both the attitudinal as well as digital behavioral cross-device data using our single-source panel.

Interested in learning more about cross-device consumer behavior? Check out our report The E-Commerce Ecosystem: The State of Cross-Device Digital Shopping, or listen to the webinar on demand here.

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