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If you have already checked out Verto’s recent entries regarding marrying telemetry/clickstream and survey data, you know that when combined, they can lead to rich consumer insights that exceed those of surveys and telemetry data in isolation.  You may be wondering: How does Verto accomplish this? The answer is through surveying our passively-metered, cross-device panelists.  This allows us to establish a “single-source” of behavioral and attitudinal data at the person level that we can analyze thoroughly and with more certainty than if one was attempting to interpret the multiple data sources independently.

To build off of what we shared with those moving to a new home, we would like to also share app/site visitation data for a different “life event” this week: those beginning a new job or receiving a promotion in the past six months.

A lot of the sites/apps that are visited a disproportionate amount among this group are likely no surprise: job search engines, review sites, and applicable social media. You are probably not shocked to see the likes of Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn at or near the top in terms of cross-device reach:

Also mixed in with the top brands are apps/sites that may be more involved post-hire with the human resources/capital management end of things, such as ADP, Oracle, DocuSign, Ultimate, and Intuit:

Of course, these job-related and management-related sites/apps are not the only ones over-performing with this segment.  We also see some other brands popping here. We have included some of the highest overperformers with this segment on mobile devices in the following graphic:

Some of the mobile apps/sites that are being visited more than average by this segment include social media outlets such as Reddit, Snapchat, and Instagram.  Interestingly, GIPHY also appears here, suggesting perhaps this segment is more likely to be sharing “got a new job!” gif images with their friends on those social media outlets.  Of note, Tinder nearly triples its incidence with this segment versus the total online universe, indicating perhaps with a new job comes new confidence in oneself?  

This data, among those who have begun a new job or received a promotion in the past six months, is just part of what is possible when marrying cross-device telemetry/clickstream and survey data.  At Verto Analytics our goal is to focus on deep consumer insights by analyzing both the attitudinal as well as digital behavioral cross-device data using our single-source panel.

Interested in learning more about cross-device consumer behavior? Check out our report The E-Commerce Ecosystem: The State of Cross-Device Digital Shopping, or listen to the webinar on demand here.

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