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Earlier this month, we launched Audience Spotlight, which provides a cross-device, consumer-centric view on a selected audience segment. In our first report, we explored heavy users of games on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. These are consumers (among U.S. adults, ages 18 and above) who comprise the top 20% of all gamers, based on the amount of time they spend per month with games. We refer to this audience segment as “Heavy Gamers,” and they display distinctive demographic characteristics and behavioral traits compared to the general population. Interested in the full report? Download the PDF here.

Which games do heavy gamers find most addictive?

Which games do Heavy Gamers (who could arguably be labelled “gaming addicts”) play most often? Among other traits, our Audience Spotlight report looked at the stickiest games among Heavy Gamers. Stickiness is how Verto measures user engagement, calculated as total daily users over total monthly users, and conveys how frequently a consumer is using a service. As shown in the chart below, Heavy Gamers tend to prefer casual games, led by desktop classic Microsoft Solitaire (82% stickiness rating), followed by Trivia Today (76% stickiness rating) and Pokémon Go (66% stickiness rating).


Interested in learning more about the behaviors and demographics of Heavy Gamers? Download the full report here.

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