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Earlier this year, we published The E-Commerce Ecosystem: The State of Cross-Device Digital Shopping, a report that showcases Verto Analytics’ latest research on online shopping and consumer behaviors. As part of our research, we analyzed the distinct digital shopping behaviors of consumers based on a variety of demographic criteria, such as age, gender, and household income. Perhaps surprisingly, gender did not play as big of a role as might be expected: despite the fact that women are overrepresented in number among most online shopping audiences, the average amount of time they spend in each online shopping session isn’t significantly greater than men. However, examining online shopping behaviors based on consumer age revealed more surprising findings.

How long do different age groups spend shopping?

Using Verto Analytics data, we analyzed the average length of online shopping device sessions of U.S. adults, ages 18 and above. Verto data showed that younger consumers actually racked up the shortest shopping app session durations: Millennials (those ages 18-34) spent just 2.6 minutes per shopping app session, while that duration increases to 4.3 minutes for Boomers (ages 55-74), and 4.9 minutes for consumers over the age of 75.


For online retailers, this presents an interesting challenge: how do you not only attract but also engage consumers with significantly different shopping styles and periods of engagement? And how can your brand identify individual touchpoints to help you understand exactly when you can best engage your audience—and draw consumers away from your competitors?

Interested in learning more about our insights on e-commerce and online shopping behavior? Download the full report here, or listen to our on-demand webinar, where our data analysts discuss the report findings.

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