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Millions of Americans are settling down today for Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. But amid all the eating and drinking, there will be plenty of downtime for a bit of screen time. Whether that means time spent with mobile games, catching up on social media, researching a recipe for the perfect mashed potatoes, or prepping for the Black Friday shopping crush, how do American adults (ages 18 and above) spend their time online?

Social Media Accounts for 40% of Time Spent Online


Verto Analytics looked at how American adults spend their time online on both PCs and mobile devices. Regardless of device, social media is incredibly popular – both mobile and PC users spend about 40% of their total time online on social media applications and websites. For PC users, this is the majority of all time spent online. And for mobile users, games comprise 15% of all time spent online, while this number is just 7% for PC users.

So, as you relax over the long holiday weekend, take a look at what’s on the screen in front of you. How are you spending your time online?

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