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Next week marks the 10th birthday of the iOS App Store, which was originally launched on July 11, 2008. And the Android app marketplace was soon to follow; the Android Market (a precursor to the Google Play store) launched in October of the same year. A decade later, the apps available through these two online stores seemingly run our digital lives – especially on the go. So what are today’s most popular apps for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems?

The Top 10 after 10 Years

Verto Analytics looked at the most popular apps – based on number of monthly users – for both iOS and Android among U.S. adults (ages 18 and above) who used a smartphone or tablet during the month of May 2018. According to Verto Watch data, while Facebook (one of the first apps to launch in the App Store), YouTube, and Facebook Messenger are some of the most popular apps across both operating systems, other apps remain far more popular on one OS compared to the other. For example, Instagram and Snapchat are the eighth and ninth most popular apps on iOS, but neither of them manage to crack the top 10 ranking among Android users. And unsurprisingly, a variety of Google-owned apps dominate the Android rankings: of the 10 most popular apps for Android, 7 are owned by Google (including Chrome and YouTube), cementing the company’s position within the Android device and app ecosystem.


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