Analyzing the Role of Reddit in Consumer Electronic Journeys

Reddit sought to demonstrate how its users’ trust and advocacy give it a unique role in influencing consumer journeys within the consumer electronics category, specifically:


The role of Reddit across the various stages in a consumer journey: inspiration, discovery, consideration, and validation


How users trust information on products and advocate for them on Reddit


Whether, when users conduct their research on Reddit, that influences a faster consumer journey



Verto’s analytics team can uncover insights unique to a client’s business objective by leveraging cross-device panel measurement data married with survey data.


  • Identified purchasers of consumer electronics products on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy

  • Passively measured those purchasers’ use of apps and websites across all regularly used digital devices over the 60 days preceding the purchase event

  • Identified relevant touchpoints to the consumer electronics journey by text mining URL-level data

  • Applied Verto’s proprietary consumer journey framework

  • Surveyed purchasers to understand the trust, advocacy, and NPS of all research websites and apps used, including Reddit

Key Findings

  • During the consideration phase, buyers using Reddit for research typically evaluate 2X the number of brands and have 4X as many research sessions.

  • By doing more research in the consideration phase, buyers using Reddit gain more information as well as more confidence—and that translates to a spend that’s 15% higher than that of people who did not use Reddit for research.

  • In the validation phase, that increased research pays off with a 9X faster purchase decision.

  • Reddit users are stronger brand advocates, with a 12% higher post-purchase NPS*. They are also 13% more likely than non-Reddit users to speak positively about the brand offline and online. (*Net Promoter Score is the difference between the percentage of promoters (scores of 9-10 on a scale of 1-10 for likelihood to recommend the brand) and the percentage of detractors (scores of 0-6 on a scale of 1-10 for likelihood to recommend the brand) and can range from -100 to 100).

  • Reddit’s users view the platform as highly trustworthy when it comes to information about consumer electronics. Reddit users stated that they trust the Reddit community’s perception of consumer electronics more than reviews on e-commerce sites.


Reddit used the research to build a case for increased advertising spend on their platform for the consumer electronics category. Verto’s consumer journey methodology helped demonstrate Reddit’s unique value proposition by way of more informed and higher spending consumers who become stronger brand advocates.

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