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This week, I had the opportunity to present some of Verto Analytics’ latest data on cross-device consumers in the UK at the IAB UK’s research breakfast series. I addressed the challenges that cross-device consumers present to advertisers during my previous talk at the IAB UK last month, and Verto focused on this trend as part of its report, 2017: The year of the multi-screen consumer. But this week, we took a closer look at what the cross-device trend means for the UK market, and highlighted some examples from a recent customer case study. Interested in our research? Click here to download a copy of my presentation, The Rise of the Cross-Device Consumer.

Cross-device behavior in the UK

According to Verto data, the average UK consumer consistently uses three devices over the course of a week; typically, this group includes PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Our data also shows that young women (ages 18-29) tend to spend more time on mobile devices, although mobile reach is growing across the entire UK market.


While leading UK digital businesses like Sainsbury and the BBC have already launched multi-device-friendly sites, apps, and services, a cross-device strategy doesn’t automatically ensure success. Instead, it’s important to foster engagement and loyalty with your audience.

Reaching the Right Customers: It’s all in the timing

If you’re already multi-device friendly, does it matter what device your audience uses? We looked at a recent customer case study to highlight the distinct device preferences and online behaviors of specific target audiences. And in addition to this data, an even more vital insight is timing: brands and advertisers must understand exactly when their target audience is online. Understanding a typical “day in the life” of your target audience across the devices, sites, and services they use is the key to understanding when and how to reach exactly who you want, when they want.

Interested in learning more about our insights on consumer behavior? Click here to download a copy of my presentation, The Rise of the Cross-Device Consumer.

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