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Last month, mCordis’s Michael Becker (who we interviewed in March) joined us to present Verto Analytics’ April webinar, The Connected Marketer: What it is and Why You Must Become One. After spending more than 25 years in the marketing and business development sphere, Becker has developed a method of approaching individual consumers that aligns with Verto Analytics’ findings about consumer behavior in an increasingly mobile-centric world.

As Verto data has shown, smartphones sit at the heart of our digital lives – they touch everything we do, and at peak times, the average U.S adult (aged 18 and above) unlocks their phone about three times per hour. Today’s consumer is constantly connected, and that’s especially true when it comes to commerce: according to Becker, more than 90% of all commerce – either brick-and-mortar or online – is influenced by digital. Becker deems today’s consumers to be Connected Individuals, and emphasizes that marketers need to recognize that the Connected Individual is a digital being living in physical world.


What is a Connected Marketer?

Unlike so-called status quo marketers, the Connected Marketer starts with the individual consumer’s needs and adapts to their expectations and behaviors. Moreover, the Connected Marketer understands timing and paces how their products and services enter into an individual consumer’s life, while respecting the digital sovereignty of the individual. And lastly, the Connected Marketer accepts that the pace of connectedness is increasing and embraces ever-changing industry dynamics in their entirety.

Who Exemplifies the Connected Marketer?

So which companies and brands are currently exemplifying the Connected Marketer approach? Becker highlighted a series of examples from across the retail, sports, and entertainment sectors. It’s a diverse group that ranges from Sephora to California’s Golden State Warriors, but they share one key trait: each of the examples he cited empower the individual consumer across digital and physical boundaries.

How to become a Connected Marketer

According to Becker, the Connected Marketer strives for understanding, and focuses on why their company or brand matters as well as on opportunities that can be created for individuals. To that end, he’s defined eleven principles of the Connected Marketer and five key steps towards becoming a Connected Marketer. Interested in learning more about the Connected Marketer approach? Listen to the webinar on demand here.

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