For the first time not only in Europe, but as part of a pioneering initiative in Spain, the MADE (Medición de Audiencias Digitales en España)’s upcoming audience tender will benefit from a singlesource measurement standard for cross-device audiences – thanks to the partnership between the global leader in digital market research data Research Now SSI, the Finnish company Verto Analytics, and the Spanish consultancy nPeople.

Spain’s digital industry faces an urgent challenge: despite growth in the digital advertising landscape and the rapid adoption of new formats and devices among Spanish consumers, Spain still ranks only 7th in the 2016 digital advertising investment ranking according to IAB Europe – a figure that places it behind the Netherlands, which claims a population only 37% the size of Spain.

And when it comes to digital advertising investment ratio per inhabitant, Spain falls to 15th place, at just € 35 per user, which mirrors countries like Serbia or Bulgaria more closely than digital leaders like United Kingdom and Sweden.

But rather than offering a pessimistic outlook, this scenario only underscores the fact that Spain must take advantage of its great growth potential in terms of investment and digital advertising. In other words, we are facing a market opportunity in which a consistent, transparent, and innovative technology can meet industry challenges such as  viewability, adblocking, the phenomenon of fake news, or the imminent restrictions in privacy and data mandated by European Union. We are at an inflection point that could propel our country to the top 5 in Europe and offers an opportunity to create a benchmark for digital innovation on a global level.

Partnership between three leading companies in the field – nPeopleResearch Now SSI and Verto Analytics – have decided to work together to precisely provide the push that the industry needs right now. As a result, they are pleased to announce their ground-breaking proposal to MADE (Medición de Audiencias Digitales en España), to be presented to the Digital Audience Measurement tender recently convened by the IAB, AIMC and the Advertisers Association (aea).

In the words of David Sánchez, CEO of nPeople, “I firmly believe that Spain does not have a second to lose. Is vital to transform our country into the digital hub of Europe, and our partnership with Research Now SSI and Verto is the first collaboration of its kind that can provide us with a transparent, reliable and realistic set of measurement tools that show precisely how we consume content, buy or the impact of advertising on the Internet or in a cross-device environment.”

“We’re really excited at Verto Analytics to be involved in this RFP for one of the big 5 European markets,” says Michael Read, SVP of Europe, Verto Analytics. “We believe our single-source methodology, award-winning technology, and experience in managing cross-device measurement will make an important contribution to progressing the Spanish Digital Advertising market.”

“At Research Now SSI, we understand the critical need to not only reach coveted audiences in key markets and regions, but to truly comprehend and measure the real impact of advertising campaigns,” says Michel Guidi, Managing Director, International, of Research Now SSI. “Integrating cross-media data sources can help to achieve a more robust view of a campaign’s performance.”

A weapon against stagnation

What does MADE contribute and how will it propel the digital industry?

The leaders in the Spanish digital sector are aware of the shortcomings in traditional audience measurement models. These are models that, until now, have not offered personalized, cross-device, and segmented data for digital content (publishing or advertising), which makes it difficult to build a realistic and reliable picture of multi-device consumer behavior in Spain. And this breaks down even further in a multimedia environment at a time when the boundaries between media are blurred.

MADE focuses on the measurement of mobile devices as well as the agility and  flexibility to integrate other consumer into existing measurement tools. Given the fact that smartphone penetration is already 97% among the adult internet user population (according to the 2017 Annual Mobile Marketing Study authored by IAB Spain and nPeople), building measurement tools for a cross-device consumer audience isn’t just a priority – it’s a necessity.

Finally, measuring the effectiveness and visibility of digital advertising is still a need in the industry. A clear commitment to the evaluation of the performance and value of advertising actions translates into increased market knowledge for advertisers and an opportunity to further enrich the Spanish digital advertising industry with more investment.

As a result, MADE is focusing its bets on a technology for measuring consumption and disruptive audiences: single source technology, which makes it possible to understand content consumption and advertising impact across devices. In addition to its market know-how and its presence with panels in more than 90 countries, the Spanish-led partnership between nPeople, Research Now SSI and Verto offers an alternative to the current models and a solid proposal to respond to the Digital Audience Measurement Contest.

About nPeople:

nPeople is the leading Spanish consultancy in Digital Research, Data and Analytics. nPeople is releasing innovation to companies such as Google, Twitter, Real Madrid, CondeNast, and Carat among some others thanks to innovative consumer-oriented projects in customer journey, advertising effectiveness, audience growth and optimization and research consulting. For more information:

Lidia Baños, PR Representative at nPeople –

About Verto Analytics:

Verto Analytics provides a consumer-centric measurement solution for monitoring the complex behavior of cross-device consumers on every device, app, and platform they use throughout the day. We provide data and insights that inform marketing, competitive intelligence, media buying, and product strategy and development. For more information:

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About Research Now SSI

Research Now SSI is the global leader in digital market research data and related services for better insights and business decisions. The company provides world-class research data solutions that enable better results for more than 3,500 market research, consulting, media, healthcare, and corporate clients. Research Now SSI operates globally with locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and is recognized as the quality, scale, and customer satisfaction leader in the market research industry. For more information, please go to and

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