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We’re excited to announce the launch of Smart Poll, a first-of-its-kind product to combine survey research and passive cross-device metering. Smart Poll correlates surveys with digital behavioral data collected through passive metering from the Verto Smart Panel, an opt-in panel of global consumers, offering the ability to compare what consumers do with what they say. Smart Poll has already been deployed and beta tested with brands including Breath, Universal Music, and YuMe among others. The product is available for Verto’s U.S. and UK customers now.

This combination of traditional market research and modern measurement technology offers brands, research companies, consulting agencies and publishers a clear picture of how consumers’ opinions and decisions correlate with their actual behavior. While surveys and questionnaires can explain why consumers act a certain way or what they think and feel, they can’t quantify behavior accurately. Passive metering, on the other hand, offers a second-by-second account of cross-device consumer activity, whether intentional or unintentional, but does not measure the motivation or intent behind those actions.

Consumers today are multitaskers—accessing screens and services simultaneously or stopping and starting usage multiple times during the day. In fact, Verto data shows that U.S. consumers unlock their devices 50 times per day and use at least two different apps simultaneously. For that reason, most consumers are unable to recall exact details about their behavior. Smart Poll provides more accurate data on the consumer journey, revealing exactly how and why consumers are spending time online, regardless of where the interactions are occurring.

Passive data can provide observational insights on the daily activity of today’s ‘liquid’ consumers, but only surveys can capture what these same consumers think about their experience, or what decisions they might take,” said Paul Neto, Research Industry Analyst. “Making existing passive measurement panels and bespoke surveys widely available to the industry is a great step, as it will make this type of research available to a larger number of customers than any customized projects or proprietary samples could ever do.”

With a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and motivations behind observed user behavior, Smart Poll helps companies deliver more effective campaigns to drive engagement, conversion and retention:

  • An app developer could benchmark satisfaction ratings against behaviors to assess the correlation between low user satisfaction and high churn.
  • A retailer can measure how specific shoppers use smartphones and PCs to browse and buy online and compare that to time spent in their store to learn how people discover, research and buy products.
  • A brand marketer can assess whether a cross-device campaign resulted in purchase intent, awareness or product recall and can map those results to a target segment’s behaviors.
  • An advertising platform can bundle deep profiling data, based on surveys, with behavioral profiles, to create more efficient algorithms and targeting models.
  • A publisher can use Smart Poll to power a proprietary consumer segmentation model, and then analyze the behavioral characteristics or competitive cohorts of each segment.

For more information on Smart Poll, visit the product web page, read the press release, or contact the sales team to learn more. For a full review of Smart Poll features, join our webinar on today—January 26 at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET—or watch the replay later.

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