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Last week, Verto Analytics presented their August Webinar, “7 Steps to Fix your Audience Measurement”. In addition to introducing our latest product, Audience Profiles, the webinar features seven critical steps to growing your audience and winning advertisers. In this post, we share three of the key takeaways from the webinar. Interested in the others? Listen to the webinar on demand.

1. Identify The Holes in Traditional Measurement
Legacy players in measurement don’t provide a person-centric view of how audiences engage with sites and apps across multiple devices. Instead, they fuse data from separate panels for separate types of devices in order to provide a composite view of how audiences engage. Since their data comes from many panels instead of a single-source panel, it most often leads to duplicated or inaccurate numbers. In order to address these discrepancies, Verto Analytics’ single-source methodology collects behavioral data via a passive-metering application that panelists install on their digital devices (including PCs, smartphones, and tablets), providing a person-centric view of how audiences engage.

2. Know Your Competition
While you may already have a good understanding of your consumer, do you know who is going to your competitors and why? When it comes to attracting advertisers, it is paramount that you are able to explain how you stack up against the competition – and have the data to prove it. Audience Profiles can show you where you index highest by daypart and day of the week and drill into category-level comparisons in order to understand where you index higher than your competitors. This data lets you compare your various audience segments and metrics against top competitors in your industry – the key to telling a persuasive story that sells your audience.

3. Understand Your Audience
Understanding where your audience is spending their time gives you the power to reach more users like them. And once you understand the behaviors of your most valuable audience segments, your marketing team can find, attract, and engage these segments. Audience Profiles can show you a day in the life of your average consumer, allowing you to better understand where they spend their time, on which device, and at what times of the day.

Data is at the core of Audience Profiles: better metrics facilitate building more compelling stories. And you can win more advertisers by being able to tell a more detailed story about your audience and competitors. If you are interested in reading more, download our latest whitepaper on Audience Measurement for Growth and Profit.

Interested in learning more about Audience Profiles? Listen to the webinar on demand here.

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