How Female Consumers are Using Mobile Devices and Apps: 5 Stats

 In Consumer Insights

In 2013, women controlled $29 trillion of consumer spending worldwide. By 2018, the global nonprofit firm Catalyst estimates that number will grow to $40 trillion.

How much do you know about your female consumer base? Because today is International Women’s Day, we thought it might be useful to examine some statistics related to how women are using mobile devices and apps.

1. Watch out Apple fanboys, Apple iPhone ownership is driven by female users.

2. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and Yahoo! Mail are the most popular messaging and social apps among women.

3. Fifty-eight percent of Facebook Messenger users are female, and the service is most popular among 20-44-year-olds.

4. Today’s mobile gamers are more likely to be female, young (compared to the general online population), and high-income.

5. And in February 2016, our data shows that, on a daily basis, women are more active on than men.

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