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This week, I was honored to speak at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK’s seminar series for the UK’s leading digital advertisers, brands, and agencies. As part of The Future of…Traditional Media – 2017 and beyond, I was part of a panel of that included speakers from Google and JCDecaux that addressed the current state of traditional media, and what publishers can expect next.

For publishers, advertisers, and brands, this is an especially volatile space: there are an ever-increasing number of new distribution channels for content, from new devices to new apps and services. These present new opportunities for monetization, but also require new forms of measurement. I shared some of Verto Analytics’ recent data on consumers in the UK, and what these insights tell us about the future of media consumption. Below are three takeaways that every publisher or advertiser needs to know. If you’re interested in the full presentation, click here to download a copy.

1) Cross-device behavior—and engagement—is the new given

As illustrated below, Verto data shows us that consumers—especially those in the UK—are increasingly accessing content across multiple devices, and especially on mobile devices. In fact 86% of British consumers (among adults over the age of 18) own a smartphone, and 24% use smartphones, tablets, and PCs concurrently. As consumers move fluidly from one device to another, and between sites and apps, you should know when, how, and why so that you can engage them with the right content and services.


2) Publishers must evolve

Engaging with your consumers is crucial: you need to know where to reach them and through which platforms. That means publishers must keep up with their target audience as well as their devices. These increased efforts require a more granular level of data to plan campaigns and measure success: you need to monitor audience profile and engagement trends, such as daily behaviors, competitor engagement, and device usage.

3) What’s in store for 2017

As AI and machine learning becomes more advanced, consumers will expect a curated, personalized experience with their content across all devices. Publishers must be ready to embrace new formats, as the line between traditional and new media is disappearing. And new devices, such as VR and AR (as Pokémon GO and Snapchat have shown us) aren’t mere gimmicks – they promise to be monetizable sources of content.

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